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Freelance Services

WordPress Contracting / White Label WordPress Websites

Contracting Services:

White Label WordPress Websites

I offer white label WordPress contracting services for companies – who need an extra pair of hands to help develop WordPress website. I can provide contracting support – as much or little as required – and can even liaise with customers on your behalf if required.


Development from a design spec – taking a design from a pdf or image file and deploying it to a full blown website. This kind of work normally comes from  PR, graphic design or marketing companies, who know exactly what they want, but need a web designer to make their design come to life on a website.

Design and development – this service involves creating a design for the client, then developing a website from it. Often several design options are created and presented on a demo domain – allowing the client to choose. The design can then be tweaked as required. If required I can liaise with the client on your behalf – or just pass this onto your account manager.

Working for Marketing, Web, PR & Graphic Design Companies

I have experience of working closely with marketing agencies, PR, web designers, project managers and graphic designers – developing WordPress websites on their behalf – working to tight timescales.

Services I offer include:

  • Developing new WordPress websites
  • Updating websites
  • SEO Updates
  • Uploading new content
  • Creating training materials
  • Adding more complex functionality as required.

White label websites can be delivered to fit your timescales  – please contact me to find out more.


White Label Service:

  • Re-branding Websites
  • Developing new websites to match graphic design specification
  • Setting up Ecommerce
  • Copying websites
  • Recreating expired websites
  • Deploying websites to live hosting
  • Running Maintenance Updates

Why Use Me:

If you need some aditional web design / programming expertise within your business – but do not want to take on the expense of employing a person to do this, I can offer an alternative approach. I am available to come into your business and work on specific projects on a flexible basis to suit you. I bring with me, over 15 years of programming and development experience, and am used to working with many areas of a business, from small business owners, right up to Managing Directors and Marketing Managers.

There are considerable savings to be made from using a freelance web designer rather than a large design agency, I am able to keep my costs down and be very competitive and responsive.

I currently work with a number of companies in a freelance/white label capacity. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more. My rates are very competitive.