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Website Updates – Changing the look of your Business Website

In an ideal world, once a business has spent the time and effort (and money) setting up their website, they would be able to leave it ticking along and that would be that.

However, most businesses change over time – new logos, moving premises, change in staff and sometimes even a complete change in direction. In addition to this, there is also the question of what your competitor’s are up to.

  • Is there website creeping above yours on Google ?
  • Is their website responsive and your isn’t?
  • Does their website look more modern and fresh than yours?

These are just a few of the reasons that many businesses make updates to their business websites from time to time.

The good news??

Fortunately not all website updates cost a fortune – often a change on your website to a nice new theme, can be enough to freshen up your website.

If you have a WordPress website, then all of the content is stored completely separately to the design – which means that you can change the design (change the colours, fonts, images etc) and this won’t effect the actual website content again – so you won’t need to set up all the content again. This saves you time and money!

Not sure where to start?

Give me a call and I can help you decide which areas of your website could be updated and how much this will cost.
I have helped lots of Lichfield and Staffordshire based companies to understand how to make the most of their websites and bring them up to date, without breaking the bank.