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What is responsive website design?

When the internet first started and businesses had their first websites designed, these were created to be viewed on computers (desktops) only. Over time laptops were used with varying screen sizes and over the last few years there has been an enormous increase in the % of people using mobile devices to view websites; iPads, iPhones, tablets, blackberries, kindles etc.

How does responsive website design work?

A responsive website works by detecting which device is being used to view the website and then altering the way the website is displayed to suit the device itself; This allows someone to view the same website on a mobile phone and a widescreen pc, with it looking very different on each but displaying the same information.

Testing whether your website responsive?

This is easy enough to check , just look at your website on a mobile device such as an iphone. Check to see if you can see all of the images, use the menus at the top of the website – click on the buttons and generally see all of the text on the website. If you can’t see these things then it is worth thinking about changing your website to make it responsive.

Mobile Browsing statistics

In the first quarter of 2013 – statistics showed that the customers using tablets exceeded those using traditional desktop pcs for conversion rates for the first time (this measures people browsing websites who then became customers). This suggests that people are becoming increasingly comfortable using tablets for their online shopping.

What can I do to make my website responsive?

WordPress websites – these can be made responsive by simply changing the theme to one that is responsive.

Some other websites may not be responsive but still work well on a mobile device, in which case it may be that no action is required.

Other things that may not work on mobile browsers.

Flash movies – these do not work on ipads or iphones

Really small navigation buttons – anything very small can be difficult to use for even the nimblest of fingers on an iphone. This can be enough to send a potential customer elsewhere.

Lots of dropdown menus – again can be a problem even for nimble fingers.

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