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Website UpdatesSo you have a WordPress website all set up for your business – but are wondering just how often you should make updates to the website?

Which updates are absolutely crucial and which WordPress updates are not so important. This post covers critical updates that you really should do ASAP.

I have designed and worked with WordPress websites for a number of years – and so this would be my advice:

Critical Updates – do straight away!!

Generally, the really crucial updates are the ones that wordpress itself alerts you with – these are core file updates and plugin updates.

WordPress Core File Updates

Every few weeks WordPress releases an update to the current version; This is generally an improvement to functionality and often a security improvement. I would suggest that you run WordPress core updates straight away, as these updates are written to ensure that any security loopholes are tightened to stop hackers breaking into your website.

However before you run any updates – please please please backup your website – you can use a plugin to do this – or even better set up a rolling backup with your website host.

Click here for some notes on how to run the updates.

WordPress plugin Updates

Less frequent that WordPress core updates – however WordPress plugins from time to time do require updating. As above, this is generally an improvement to functionality (so often a good thing as your plugin will have more features) or a security improvement.

Out of date WordPress plugins, just like out of date core files can make your website vulnerable to spam attacks.

Again – I would suggest running plugin updates as soon as you spot them on your dashboard.


What happens if you don’t update your site?

Your site may be just fine running old core files and plugins  – but it is much more vulnerable in terms of security. Some web hosts insist you run the latest code or they won’t host your website – as they don’t want malicious code on their servers. Better to be safe than sorry!!

Would you would rather get someone else to do this for you?

I look after lots of client websites and regularly keep them up-to-date and secure by looking after the WordPress updates. If you would like me to take a look at your website, check you do have a backup in place and run the updates for you – then please get in touch.