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Every website is different, so I will ask you lots of questions about the kind of website you are looking for and then work out how much it will cost.

However the websites I develop do not cost thousands of pounds, a WordPress brochure style website starts from around £700.

Read my price comparison page.
Lichfield Website Design PricesSet-up costs for a new website can be divided as follows:

Web hosting

This is to host your website on the internet and to get a domain name (www.businessname.co.uk) and email addresses (enquiries@businessname.co.uk). This is payable to the web hosting company normally for the year or 2 years ahead. I can organise this as part of the website set-up, or if you’d prefer then I can recommend a web hosting plan that you can set up yourself. This is relatively in-expensive – it only costs £3-10 per month. More details on my website hosting service can be found here.

Website Design

The cost for creating the actual website – this depends on how complicated the site is and how many different pages make up the site. This is a one-off cost – once I’ve created the design for you, then it is yours to keep.

This means that once your website is up and running and bringing in new customers, you will have paid all your costs for the year ahead. Beware – some companies will charge you a very low amount up-front, then charge £30-£40 a month to “maintain” your site or lose it forever. My approach is different, all your costs are up-front – you’ll pay for the design and web hosting and that’s it – there are no large montly direct debits to pay. If you decide at a later time to add on another page or two, then I will quote for these seperately. Over a year or 2 year period it can work out substantially cheaper to pay for a thoughtfully designed bespoke website, than getting a cheap template site but then paying a large amount per month – check out my price comparison page to see why!

Website Updates

Usually there will be no web hosting costs (as the site will be already hosted). The cost will again be purely for website design – but this will be money well spent, as your website is your shop window on the internet – and having a professionally designed site shows you are a professional serious business. Each project is different, so will be quoted for individually. I am able to keep my prices competitive as I don’t employ sales people. I will discuss your website requirements with you and then develop your website exactly as you want.

E-Commerce – Web Shops

There are a number of “free” open source shops available on the internet – however unfortunately they don’t always perform quite as promised! I offer a web shop that has a one-off licence fee (rather than monthly payments – where if you don’t pay – the website disappears!) – that can then have a bespoke theme added to it – I can even create a theme to match your existing website. Prices for a web shop start from approx £1000.