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Types of Website Designs

There are many things to consider when designing a business website.

This page gives an outline of some of the different types of websites that a business might need.

There are many different types of websites – portfolio websites, business websites, ecommerce websites, blog websites etc.

What kind of website does my business need?


This kind of website is an on-line brochure and a great way to demonstrate what the business is about. A portfolio website may be used to show off a range of products that a company sells or perhaps different services. This kind of portfolio website can be divided up, so that each separate business area sits within individual pages or sections within a website.

Extra features for Portfolio websites that make them stand out from the crowd:

Website Galleries.

Many websites for business can benefit from having a gallery page – which can be used to great effect to show potential customers images of the product range.

On-line brochures / eBooks

A portfolio website can take advantage of great looking eBooks to display their portfolio in an interesting and up-to-date way. An eBook offers an added dimension to a pdf and eBooks also have a facility so that they can also be downloaded as a pdf .


I have been involved in the development and design of several triathlon club websites and also a the Friary Judo club based in Lichfield – read more.


I think it can be said that all business need a website – this can be for a number of reasons such as:

Your website is a marketing tool and is your shop window.
A website is a great marketing tool – a professional website is a showcase for the business. Customers can be very quick to make an opinion about a business (I think of this in the same way that potential house buyers decide if they like a house within less than a minute of arriving outside) , and a badly put together website – perhaps with spelling mistakes or gaudy colours can make customers go elsewhere.

Is your business – my kind of business – and do I want to do business with you?
Potential customers use your website to decide if they want to do business with you, before they have even met you.

If you take a look at Google analytics for many websites – the most viewed pages are often Home, About Us, Testimonials and Portfolio. These are the main pages that give a real flavour of a business and set the tone of the type of business. The old saying that people do business with people rings true – and my experience shows that many people do like to read about us and testimonial pages – in fact many of my customers have told me that they looked at these pages on my site before engaging me to work for them. It is really worth focusing on the content of these personalised pages – to make sure they accurately reflect the ethos of your business.


An ecommerce website is set up specifically so that a business can sell their products over the internet. There is a huge choice in the types of ecommerce website software that is available – with many different features and payment gateways available. I believe that each business is unique and it is important to make sure that the right ecommerce website solution is used to suit each individual business. Not all ecommerce websites are created equal!!


There are some fantastic blog websites around on an enormous variety of subjects. Blog websites tend to be set up so that they are incredibly easy to update and add new pages and posts to the website. There is some great blog website software available – WordPress is one of the market leaders and is really straight-forward to use and incredibly flexible. A well designed blog website can be a great marketing tool and be very effective at engaging customers with well written compelling content.