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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Review

Keywords – perhaps the most important factor attracting visitors to a website. There are a number of areas on a website where the inclusion of keywords both within the text and hidden code can help a search engine find a website, including the positioning and density of keywords.

Inclusion in appropriate directories such as the Open Directory Project – this particular directory is considered very important for search engine purposes. The report will check whether the website is included in this directory.

Inclusion in Google and other Search Engines – Automated programs called robots and spiders are used by search engines to find and index websites. In order for a site to rank well in search engine results, it is important that search engines are able to index sites correctly. A number of factors will be checked including – website indexing, Google PageRank (Google’s measure of website importance) and links to and from the website. In addition the general design of the website will be examined with suggestions for improvement.

The report will indicate which areas of the website design and content are following Search Engine Optimisation best practice and suggest improvements for those areas that do not follow best practice.