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Lichfield Website Design – designing a blog / wordpress website

Lichfield Website Design BlogsBenefits of having a blog website for your business:

Help Google find your website

Writing a blog or keeping an up-to-date news page is a great way of improving your SEO (Search engine optimization) – it is a really natural way of both drawing interested customers to your website and also using keywords on your web pages in a natural and readable way.

Dynamic fresh content on your blog website

Consistently updating your website helps tell Google (and your customers!) that your website (and business!) is fresh and up-to-date.

Keep your website up-to-date

Looking at it a different way – a shop on the high street would not look good if they kept the same window display for months and months – good retailers change their window displays every few weeks or at least as the seasons change – a good website should use the same approach and keep their newsletters or blogs up-to-date.

Keep customers interested and engaged

Once you have a blog or news page set up on your website, then you can just easily update the content whenever you have a few moments. Blogs are a great way to engage your potential customers and get them to keep coming back to your website.

Use your wordpress blog to celebrate your successes

A blog or news page is a great way of “blowing your own trumpet” and selling the great things about your business.

Ues your WordPress Blog Website to save marketing costs

If you consider the cost of printing a newsletter and sending it out to your customers – then setting up a blog becomes a very cost efficient way of letting the world know about your business.

What should I put in a blog website?

Just a few ideas – Company news items, special offers, new products, new legislation, your success stories – the possibilities are endless.

Web design services – setting up the initial website content

I can help write the blog for you – simply provide me with a few bullet points and I’ll do the rest.