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webdesignlichfield9There are many reasons why a business needs to update their website – here are a few to start with:

Incorrect information on the website.

Does your website has the wrong information on it – this could be little things like an old logo or more important details such as a change of contact details, services or products.

Right Information – but doesn’t reflect your business.

Your business website has the right information on it – but the look and feel of the website doesn’t reflect your business brand and ethos. Companies often find as there businesses change over time – then if they don’t make changes to their website too – then eventually the website doesn’t feel like it belongs to their business.

The website doesn’t work on mobiles.

This is another really important reason to update your website – please see this page – if your website doesn’t have a mobile version then you may be missing out in the Google search engine results. Click here to see if Google considers your website to be mobile friendly. It is absolutely crucial that your website works on mobile devices – and this may mean a change of theme (on WordPress websites) to ensure you use a mobile responsive theme or for other types of websites – there are various options. Please contact me for more details.


Depending on how your website is set up – simple updates don’t have to cost the earth- it may be that some relatively quick changes can make the difference. Whether you are looking for a few tweaks to your website or a complete re-design – please get in touch to discuss your options.